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Technical Adviser

Having extensive experience and know-how, the Company offers technical consulting services, providing top quality practical consulting and support services to public and private bodies, for the needs of specialization, implementation, monitoring and proper management of the Integrated Acts / Projects / Operational Programs.

The Company’s technical consultants provide public and private organizations with services related to:

  • The control and registration of all necessary data and attachments on the electronic platform of the Act
  • The preparation and submission of the following Bulletins:
  • Technical
  • Expenditure
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Project Completion
  • Support to the bidding procedures of the Act’s sub-projects
  • Support to the management and monitoring of the incorporated Act during the period of its implementation
  • Managing and monitoring the project scope
  • Maintenance of project management files
  • Monitoring the timetable of the project
  • Detecting discrepancies or delays
  • Reporting on the Act – during and after its implementation.

In a nutshell, APOPSI Consulting Services specializes in:

  • Services on maturation and specialization of Actions / Invitations / Works
  • Writing and submitting project related bulletins
  • Supporting Entities in Implementing Business Plans